Current Stable Release: 0.4.0      Current Development Release: 0.3.22
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    Welcome to the GnuLedger website. GnuLedger is a brand-new projects whose goals are to be as complete as possible
    while being available on as many platforms as possible. Currently, we plan to support the following operating systems:

    • Linux/UNIX systems.            (Currently implemented)
    • Windows NT, 2000, and XP. (Currently implemented)
    • PalmOS (with conduits).      (Currently under development)
    • Windows CE/PocketPC.

    More information will be provided as we move toward each of these platforms. Currently, the Perl backend is nearing completion, and great progress is being made daily.  

In honor of all of the pain I've had programming this accounting package, here is a User Friendly cartoon:


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